Take to the Streets!

It's that time of year again. Veronica's in trouble. And we have to save her.

But we aren't going to fly any more planes in her honor. Last year we needed the network to see how much we wanted our girl to go to college and we had to do something big that would drum up some buzz around her.

And it worked.

The network saw how much we love Veronica and decided to take a chance on her and the show and its fans enjoyed buckets of media exposure. But the buzz did not reach enough ears. The man on the street has still never heard of "Veronica Mars."

This year our goal is to make sure that he not only knows who she is, but what network she is on and what day and time he needs to turn on his TV in order to find her.

On the weekend before the show returns from its eight week hiatus, professional street teams in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia will stick, staple, and stack flyers advertising the show's May 1st comeback in every music store, laundramat, and coffee shop that will have them. 30,000 flyers explaining that there is no need to catch up, that the show returns with a new weekly mystery format, will been seen by millions of eyes in the four most important television markets in the country.

More than that if you join us.

Download the fan-created flyer and help us spread the word. Take a stack of them with you to the grocery store, the post office, and your favorite bar. Hand them out on a busy street corner. Tack them up on the bulletin board in your school caferteria or on your college campus. Help us get the word out.

Make sure everyone you meet knows that Veronica Mars comes back May 1st and that they can jump right in without having to read the cliffnotes first. Explain how the standalone mysteries will work. Tell them about the girl with the hard life and the sharp tongue who is going to change the way they watch television.

Veronica's in the fridge and the fire's been lit. She's counting on us to save her. We've always come through before… Last year we asked network executives to "look to the skies." This year we're going grassroots and asking VM fans to "take to the streets." Pass out flyers with your fellow Cloud Watchers April 28-29th and bring new viewers to Veronica Mars so that we can all enjoy Season Four.